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Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 26, 2021 7:56:59 PM

A new poll has just emerged, shocking pundits and pollsters alike. The amount of Americans wanting to secede is surging! The poll, conducted by Bright Line Watch in conjunction with YouGov, asked respondents: “Would you support or oppose [your state] seceding from the United States to join a new union with [list of states in the new union]?” As we can see from many of the responses in the poll, the survey found that support for secession has increased among every partisan group. Particularly support for succession has skyrocketed among southern Republicans. Support for secession among southern Republicans was 50 percent back in January of this year, no doubt a high number for sure. However, that number has leaped to 66 percent in June. This comes despite the fact that pundits believed that the height of animosity against Washington DC around the Biden inauguration would quell by the summer.  

As we can see, hostility against Bumblin Biden and the Swamp (sounds like a bad rock band) has only intensified in the intervening months. It’s not just Republicans who want to succeed. Forty-seven percent of Democrats in the pacific northwest want to secede! And in the heartland, in places like Illinois and Ohio, and Wisconsin, 43 percent of independents, want to secede. Overall, 40 percent of Americans, right now, want to secede in some way, shape, or form! Now, just so you know, the polling firm YouGov, a very reputable, very extensive polling firm, can sometimes range in the millions in respondent data. This poll surveyed over 2,700 respondents, a large enough sample size to see that these results are most likely very accurate regarding their assessment of attitudes prevalent throughout the nation. Moreover, this YouGov poll has been corroborated by other polls with similar findings. A recent survey found that half of all Republicans in the south support secession. While these results are a shock for these pollsters and pundits, they aren’t shocking for us. 

Supporters of Texit see the Washington DC swamp as totally corrupt and beyond repair. The only solution is for Texans to vote for their nation's sovereign independence from the Swamp! Texas, as we can see, isn’t alone! USA Today fairly recently noted that the US is experiencing what they called ‘secession fever,’ primarily manifesting itself in rural areas. Many residents in the exurbs, the more rural parts of many states, want to secede because their living conditions are dominated by residents of large metropolitan and urban centers. 

Five counties in Oregon have put forward referendums for voters to detach their counties from deep-blue cities like Portland and Salem and join neighboring red-state Idaho. Portland, of course, has been plagued with Antifa. So an organization called ‘Move Oregon’s Border’ is trying to form what could be known as ‘Greater Idaho,’ they could put a referendum to secede from Oregon and join Idaho in five different counties throughout Oregon. On May 18th, these five counties held a referendum to vote on whether to leave Oregon and forever emancipate themselves from the leftist implosion that is Antifa-ridden Portland. The result was a unanimous yes. All five counties voted to secede from Oregan! Some of the measures passed by over 60 percent of the vote! And if this secession were implemented, that would mean that three-quarters of the state of Oregon would be emancipated from the imploding city of Portland, which in turn would make Idaho the third largest state in the union in terms of landmass! 

So what’s going on here? Well, in a nutshell, if you feel like the world is cracking up, you’re right. The world is cracking up, quite literally! Do you remember what happened with the Soviet Union when it fell on Christmas Day, 1991? The Soviet Union dissolved, and as a result, virtually overnight, Russia lost a third of its territories with all of its satellite nations like Georgia and Armenia and Belarus and Estonia and Uzbekistan, and the like. Scholars such as Sam Huntington of Harvard and Stepan Mastrovic of Texas A&M argued, in effect, that what happened to the Soviet Union was going to happen to more and more nations around the world. The modern Cold War era that defined geopolitics for at least two generations was over, and a new politic was emerging. The new era quickly replaced the contemporary world with a postmodern world where more and more populations were returning to their own cultures, customs, and traditions. People promptly went back to things like region and religion as a staple of society. 

Societal changes like these do not just happen in terms of nations breaking away from empires. As we saw in the Balkans, more and more populations within countries want to secede and form their sovereign nations. We can look at Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and  Lithuania. In Africa, you have Rwanda and Burundi, South Sudan, and major secessionist movements in Scotland, Catalonia, and Quebec. The list goes on and on. 

The ten thousand dollar question in all of this is: Are the nation-states that were forged in the modern era going to be able to hold together? To me, this makes kneeling during sports ceremonies and singing the black national anthem the foreshadows of a nation unraveling. While pollsters and pundits may have been shocked by the findings of this latest YouGov poll, we on this channel certainly are not! This poll was to be expected, and we can only hope that sentiments for secession will continue to grow! The only solution is a revitalization of patriotic civic nationalism that will hold the nation together. If that civic nationalist that President Trump championed for four years revitalizes, and if the cultural Marxist forces in the Democratic Party, the media,      and corporate boardrooms begins to wane, secession will be largely staved off. Otherwise, with the rise of identity politics and the various forms of segregation that comes with it, balkanization may indeed be inevitable!  

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