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Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 6, 2021 3:05:36 PM

New findings from a recent international study are devastating for the mainstream Marxist media. A report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford found that the US media is the single least trusted media in the entire world! Out of 46 countries surveyed, the US media came in dead last. The study was conducted over two months and involved nearly 100 thousand respondents in measuring the level of trust in their respective news media. Finland topped the list with a trust level of 65 percent. The trust level for the international media has been improving in virtually all the nations surveyed, which is good news for those who defer to global media to report on events that mainstream Marxist media has intentionally and deliberately blacked out. So, on the international scene, trust in media is going up!

Unfortunately, for the leftist activists disguised as journalists in the US media, public opinion is going the opposite direction! Astonishingly, only 29 percent of respondents said they believed they could trust most news most of the time! What a devastating find! Some shows on CNN have lost 80 percent of their audience in just the last few months, or if you’re Joe Biden, the previous 15 months! The reality is straightforward: journalism is predicated on trust. The only way a journalistic enterprise succeeds is if its audience believes that the journalists are accurate and reliable mediators of information! The moment that belief is challenged for the majority of the audience, that journalistic enterprise, whatever it happens to be, will collapse!

Trust is foundational to a journalistic business model. When only 29 percent of the public trusts the accuracy of the information mediated to them by these journalistic enterprises, you can bet your mortgage that they’re going to start to implode! The journalist and pundit Glenn Greenwald said it best when he tweeted out: “This is an extraordinary (though unsurprising) finding. Most amazing is that the corporate sector of the US media is failing in every respect: financially and culturally. And we need to ponder that a bit: why is it that any other industry failing like the mainstream media has been failing would engage in self-critique and reflection on how to stop the bleeding, but the mainstream media never does? By answering that, we’re going to find precisely how the media attempts to deceive its audience.  

What we have to understand is that the mainstream media is a liberal globalist world order! The media functions as the telecommunicative glue that holds the liberal globalist order together. Globalism or globalization is a vast interlocking mechanism of technology and telecommunications that creates a single worldwide political and economic system, and the telecommunicative component here is precisely the mainstream media, as well as Hollywood, film, entertainment, music, streaming, and the like. The media provides what the scholar Benedict Anderson calls the‘imagined community’ that holds the liberal globalist order together. And the mainstream media does that primarily through the twin processes of framing and priming! Framing involves the process of both selecting events and then assembling a narrative that interprets those events! Framing involves fact-gathering, and once facts are in place, the media then fabricates a narrative that interprets and explains those events to prime the audience. Priming encourages and influences us to think, feel, and act according to the media-driven narrative! So framing and priming are the primary ways mainstream media holds together and protects the liberal globalist order!

Once we understand that the media operates by framing and priming, we can then expose what’s going on here and precisely why their trust factor is imploding! Framing involves selecting events and then interpreting those events in light of a narrative so that they make sense! But here’s the key: what if the narrative has already been pre-determined? What if the narrative is a woke, politically correct narrative? And what if that narrative is absolute and unquestionable and inviolable as far as media operatives are concerned? Then, is it not the case that the events they chose to cover will be screened under that narrative? This is the mainstream media story; it’s technically known as confirmation bias when one focuses only on information that supports one’s prior beliefs and values! The mainstream media deliberately ignores and suppresses facts that don’t conform to their woke narrative because such facts threaten the liberal globalist world order! That’s why even the liberal commentator turned media critic Andrew Sullivan argues that the mainstream media pushes narrative, not news!  

The mainstream media makes narrative. They don’t try the news! Whatever events they focus on, whatever facts they put forward, always must comport with the politically correct woke narrative they consider so absolute and unquestionable! So the mainstream media believes that they’re protecting themselves and the liberal globalist order that they hold together by ignoring and dismissing facts that don’t fit their narrative; you know, like Hunter Biden or the origins of the coronavirus, or the patriot uprising going on as we speak all over the world; all of these things are offensive to their politically correct woke narrative! But as we’re seeing with these surveys like this one coming out of Oxford, the whole charade is backfiring big time!

One of my favorite examples of this backfire comes out Russia! Our mainstream media is fixated on a liberal Russian dissident. Alexi Navalny was supposedly poisoned and has since been sentenced to prison for 3 ½ years to violate probation. The mainstream media has been doing everything they can to push this guy as the leftist liberal hope for Russia! Just one problem, Russians are not buying it! Most Russians don’t believe he was poisoned, and they don’t support him or his movement! And, according to the Russian studies professor Paul Robinson, most Russians don’t buy the whole Navalny because the American media wants them to! The Russian public rejects Navalny precisely because our mainstream Marxist media supports him! And whatever our media supports, the Russian public largely rejects! So we can see here that the mainstream media is imploding! Not only have they come in dead last among 46 nations in terms of the trust, but their influence over popular opinion is waning as well! The days of the mainstream media are over, and thank God for that!  

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