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Texas BANS Vax Mandates as Red States REVOLT Against Biden!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Oct 12, 2021 12:50:43 PM

          The fantastic free state of Texas does it again! Governor Gregg Abbott signed an executive order banning private businesses from forcing vaccine mandates on their employees or customers. This order expands a previous executive order that Abbott signed that prohibited all state agencies and all government institutions from requiring employees to get vaccinated. The brand new executive order is radically sweeping in its scope, in that it now includes all private businesses in Texas. It explicitly bans 'any entity in the state from enforcing a vaccine mandate of any kind. The order states: "No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19 I hereby suspend all relevant statutes to the extent necessary to enforce this prohibition."

          Abbott is also now calling on the Texas legislature to pass a law that would make the executive order a permanent fixture in the state of Texas and make Texas an official sanctuary state. Texas has effectively set up an administrative and legal wall to protect its citizens from the radical abuses of power by the Bumblin' Biden regime! Abbott cited Biden's recent edict mandating vaccines for businesses with 100 or more workers nationwide and called it out as "Yet another instance of federal overreach," which requires the response of Abbott's executive order, an order that defies and effectively reverses the directive within Texas. This order is a bold move by Governor Abbott, and he noted that it was necessary not only given the federal government's overreach with Biden's edict but also in terms of how such an edict could disrupt hospitals and law-enforcement agencies. Because so many healthcare staff, and law-enforcement officers, and other essential workers have been resigning en masse throughout the nation in protest against these vaccine mandates, an order like this is critical in Texas. This is a brilliant executive order by Abbott and the state of Texas, no question.

          What Abbott is doing here in Texas is part of a much larger trend that has surged over the last several months. The rise of sanctuary states, solid red conservative states, are passing laws and signing executive orders to protect their citizens from the swamp creatures in DC! Right now, 20 states prohibit vax mandates or proof-of-vaccination status for their citizens. In eleven states, governors banned proof-of-vaccination requirements through executive orders just like we saw in Texas yesterday. In nine states, legislators passed laws banning proof-of-vaccination requirements, so they have become permanent fixtures in the legal codes of those states. What we are effectively watching is a very real and informal secession happening. The far-leftists over at Salon are interpreting all of this as such! Look at their headline: 'A New Confederacy: Trump and the Republicans have already seceded,' and the bi-line reads: 'Now they're preparing to fight a new civil war. In fact, they're already doing it in all but name.' It is clear here that leftists who support vax mandates and the 'get jabbed or lose your job' tyranny are panicked. They never imagined red states would rise up and secede from the Bumblin Biden regime by enacting laws that deliberately repeal the federal government's overreach. In other words, the left is seeing what just happened in Texas as part of a much larger picture of patriot-dominated states. States that voted for Trump and the MAGA movement see Texas as part of a much larger picture of those states telling the Biden regime to leave them alone.

          The left does not want to consider you a part of our political and cultural life from this point forward. However, the left seems blind to the fact that red states are increasingly governing with a complete political disregard to the sentiments of the left in a manner comparable to the way Biden's vax mandates completely disregard the sentiments of patriots on the right! The bottom line is this: 19 states have enacted laws that have made it harder for people to vote, 15 states have radically reduced the ability to even apply for a mail-in ballot, four states have gotten rid of drop boxes, eight states have imposed draconian voter ID requirements. Additionally, 19 states have enacted 106 new laws restricting a woman's reproductive right to an abortion, 12 states have enacted outright abortion bans, and 25 states require a 24 to 48 hour waiting period. Twelve other states have still refused to enact Obamacare requirements. Dozens and dozens of states have become second amendment sanctuaries. Finally, we see 20 states refusing to enact or enforce Biden's vax mandates on companies with a hundred or more employees.

          What many are pointing out now is that we are increasingly becoming a nation-within-a-nation. More and more states are declaring their independence from our federal government as long as it's run by an incompetent and bumbling regime like that of Sleepy Joe. Keep in mind these same leftists over at Salon had no problem with sanctuary cities, right? They had no problem whatsoever with sanctuary cities aiding and abetting illegal immigrants during the Trump administration; in fact, they excoriated Trump for even the suggestion of going after these blatantly law-breaking cities. Now, of course, open rebellion to the federal government's policies is nothing short of treasonous secession! Welcome to the wacky world of leftists! There is little question right now that this latest move by Texas is but the latest in the escalation of tensions between red states and the Biden regime, a regime that even the leftwing activists disguised as journalists in the mainstream media are admitting has very, very little competence! Make no mistake: sanctuary states are rising, and those of us in blue states may need to make a move to one of these sanctuary states in order to escape the leftist insanity that continues to corrosively degenerate our culture and our politics. Many are already doing just that, which promises to ensure that the rise of patriot sanctuary states has just begun!  

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