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The Alex Jones Backlash: Trump Considers Regulating Google!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Sep 21, 2018 2:57:01 PM

I am sure everyone here is familiar with the epidemic of internet censorship directed towards conservatives by the Google company, as well as the other tech giants such as Twitter and Facebook, and unfortunately by extension of its relation to Google, by YouTube. It is becoming increasingly acceptable among the Silicon Valley elite to begin silencing conservative and nationalist and populist voices such as Alex Jones and others that offend their liberal leftwing globalist sensibilities by purging them from their social media platforms.

Well, now the one and only President Donald Trump has stood up and said, in effect, no more. President Trump has mentioned on a number of occasions in his speeches and on twitter that the days of Google censoring him and his fellow nationalists and populists and conservatives are over and that he is getting involved. And up to this point it has been mostly rhetoric; he has been firing up the crowd with his speeches and mentions of getting involved. But now, Larry Kudlow, his National Economic Council Director has confirmed that the Trump administration is in fact looking into regulating Google and ensuring that the days of silencing conservative voices will come to an end.

The beauty in all of this, the ironic beauty, is of course that Larry Kudlow was up to just a few months ago a social media personality. He was a talk show host. So isn’t it just sweetly ironic that Google can be brought down by a fellow social media personality? Of course, Trump used social media brilliantly in the 2016 campaign, so he has no intention of seeing this platform taken away from him.

Of course we predicted that all of this social media purging of nationalist populist voices was only going to fuel the worldwide populist revolt; it was only a matter of time before populist leaders such as Donald Trump got involved, and we are now seeing this prediction come to fruition.

I have to say that, in many ways, it is almost bizarre that Google and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter did not see this; it is bizarre that they did not see that silencing and singling our conservatives and rightwing personalities was going to get them disciplined by our current conservative and rightwing federal government, led by our conservative rightwing president who not only uses social media on a regular basis himself, but has a director of his national economic council who was once a talk radio host. I mean, this is just completely careless on the part of Google’s CEO’s.

Moreover, you can just use history as your guide, right? In many ways, what is going on here is nothing new. The first thing to recognize here is that the size of Google renders the company incredibly vulnerable to this kind of government scrutiny; any possible notion that Google is somehow untouchable and a permanent fixture in the world today is utter bunk, it is utter silliness. People said the same thing about IBM in the 70s and 80s, they said the same thing about Microsoft and Sony. The notion that a massive company, a multi-billion dollar corporation is a permanent fixture in the world of corporate enterprise is a fairy tale, it is a non-starter in terms of the way things work in dynamic economics. When all is said and done, Google has reached a size and magnitude that almost asks, quite literally begs for government regulation and intervention. Again, very much comparable to what happened with IBM. IBM had a 70 percent market share in computer technology in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it was absolutely colossal and computer technology seemed destined to always be associated with those three letters. Then came the antitrust lawsuit, I believe it was in the late 60s, 1969? When IBM was mired in a 13-year antitrust battle with the Justice Department, which cost the company an untold amount of money and and uncertainty, it did not recover from it until the 1990s. Microsoft went through its own ordeal with the government in the 2000s eventually paying a billion-dollar settlement.

The point here is that now that Google has risen to this kind of prominence, now that Google owns 90 percent of the search engine market share, it is literally begging for anti-trust investigations and lawsuits. Which makes Google’s blatantly liberal, leftist ideology enforcement all the more difficult to understand. In other words, why on earth would they call attention to themselves in the midst of a nationalist populist White House administration that could trigger just such anti-trust investigations? Why would they do that, quite literally saying, ‘Hey Mr. President, look over here! Look at how we’re mistreating all of your supporters! Look at us!’ Perhaps they actually believe they are unbeatable, perhaps they have fallen victim of actually believing the propaganda that they are permanently without competition. That they will truly reach the stratosphere of information aggregation and Artificial Intelligence, which is what their business model is based on. If you are not familiar, google actually is a number, it comes from the number ‘googol’, G-O-O-G-O-L, which is 10 to the hundred power, that’s the number 10 followed by 100 zeros. It is greater than the number of particles in the universe, an astronomical number. In many respects captures the governing philosophy of the company, Google, as they aim to aggregate quite literally the sum total of all digital information in one place, storing it on their centralized computer system, as it were, with extraordinary megahertz capability.

Now Google is a thoroughly leftwing company. The scholar George Gilders has documented their philosophical commitment to combatting global warming, they are committed to fostering politically correct multiculturalism and globalism. They are a thoroughly leftwing, Silicon Valley organization. But behind this leftwing ideology is a very definite business model that is structured around what Gilders calls an ‘aggregate and advertise’ model. In other words, the reason why Google gives everything away for free, its email, internet searches, YouTube entertainment, google calendars, and the like, the reason why it gives everything away for free is twofold. So that it of course can amass quite literally a significant portion of the world’s population as its users. Then, it takes the information that it has on these users, tracking how they use the internet, their demographic information and the like, it takes that profiled detailed information and then turns around and sells it to advertisers. That is Google’s business model; it’s aggregate and advertise. Because the information they compile is so specific, they give it to advertisers that YOU would supposedly want to hear from. For example, if you are a fishing enthusiast, have you ever noticed that as you surfe the web, the advertisements that you see often involve products specific to fishing? If you have recently searched for, say, a humidifier, have you noticed that the adds that tend to pop up around you, no matter where you go on the internet, are advertising humidifiers? That is because Google offers to advertisers the most complete search data on all of their users.

So what does all of this mean? It means that you and I, as users of Google services are NOT customers. We are the products. WE are the ones who are for sale, our data that is, our profiles. That is how Google operates, and Facebook and Twitter. That is how they all operate from a business model perspective. That is why Google via YouTube can drop Alex Jones, drop him like a hat. Because both he and his million-member audience are not customers, they are the product. They are what Google sells; and if Google does not want to sell you anymore, they will drop you right there. You are gone; no customer service, nothin’. You are gone, just like that.

Google is finding that it is making lots and lots of enemies right now, who are increasingly willing to begin the process of pushing back on their rather callous aggregate and advertise model that is selectively censoring ideas and opinions that they are not interested in selling; and that is what we are seeing, a mass backlash against this. And who is now leading the charge against Google? Of course, none other than our own President Donald Trump; and I can assure you, if Trump is at the helm, Google is in for one heck of a fight.

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