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The Conservative Vision of Croatia is Reasserting National Sovereignty!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 23, 2018 10:15:59 PM

Croatia is part of the growing number of European nations reasserting their national sovereignty from the Bullies in Brussels. They may have not won the World Cup, but Croatia is winning when it comes to the war over their own national sovereignty. In a two-day meeting with other European Union home affairs ministers in Austria, the Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic reasserted that Croatia is joining together with nations such as Austria, Poland, and Hungary in protecting its borders and immigration security. The interior minister made it absolutely clear that while Croatia will certainly exercise compassion and humane treatment and the like, they nevertheless will not allow illegal migrations of any kind, and that the sovereign right to who gets to enter a nation belongs solely with each individual nation and not with the EU. In addition, Croatia has pledged to work together with other countries along the so-called Balkan migrant route to provide them with the political, professional and financial assistance needed in order to reduce the number of illegal migrants showing up at their borders.

If you do not know, Croatia is part of the growing number of European nations that have turned to the nationalist right over the last couple of years. Back in September of 2016, the conservative nationalist party known as the Croatian Democratic Union or HDZ won the most parliamentary seats in their national election. It was a re-election for them, they had been the ruling party up to that point. But what was so interesting in all of this is that back in 2013, the conservatives were actually sounding very liberal, in the globalist sense of the term, so much so that they were granted EU membership and were thought to be the ideal Brussels-backed country. But then, like we have seen throughout the various regions of Europe, Croatia as a whole turned to the nationalist right.

What seems to be the operative motivating factor are the three major insecurities that we have analyzed, that have been more responsible than anything else for turning nations to the nationalist populist right. If you are familiar with my thesis, you will know that the three major insecurities that have been provoked by globalization and globalized polices are border insecurity, economic insecurity, and cultural insecurity. Border insecurity is provoked by globalization’s transnational dynamics that encourage mass immigration on the one hand and transnational corporations that have no loyalty to land, or culture, or ethnicity on the other. Economic insecurities are provoked by what is called a global division of labor, where industrial and manufacturing jobs are relocated into third world nations while capital and finance coalesce around the financial centers of urban areas, which in turn leaves rural populations out of the loop, as it were, the rural populations are experiencing mass unemployment in globalist economies.  And cultural insecurities are felt by an overwhelming sense of an immigration invasion, where the cultures, customs, and traditions of a population are expected by the elites in Brussels to accommodate the immigrants rather than the other way around, as well as globalism’s narcissistic and consumer-based values replacing timeless customs and traditions.

Well, Croatia has experienced all of these insecurities of late. Of course, they are part of this so-called Balkan migration route that has put them on the front lines of the immigration invasion that Merkel has invited upon the continent of Europe since 2014 and 15; a very large number of Syrian refugees have crossed the Croatian border over the recent years, which has hardened these nationalist sentiments. Croatia has experienced a significant economic insecurity as well. Just after it joined the EU back in 2013, Croats experienced a pretty brutal economic decline, part of what would be a several-year long economic recession. Unemployment has been stuck at around 17 or 18 percent. It is even worse for the young, where it has been around 40 percent. Of course, immigration does not help with that. So these insecurities can be reciprocal, exasperating one another.

And so, Croatia, like many other nations throughout Europe, has turned to the nationalist right; interestingly enough, in terms of cultural insecurities, in the name of a new nationalist paradigm, they appointed a very controversial Minister of Culture that has been orchestrating basically a rightwing takeover of the various cultural institutions in an effort to break what is seen as a liberal globalist monopoly over the cultural institutions. They have begun defunding the liberal media, overhauling their public television networks, firing all of the liberals in management positions, cutting financial ties with all non-profits and activist artist groups and globalist advocacy groups. I mean, Croatia ain’t playin’ around here. Though this controversial Minister of Culture is now gone, analysts recognize that the new nationalists in Croatia are in fact waging a full campaign to recalibrate the culture in a thoroughly conservative direction.

In many respects, the nationalist right in Croatia looks like they are here to stay; they are building a nationalist, populist, and traditionalist coalition and culture that appear to be greatly affecting the nation for the foreseeable future. Once again, another nation has joined the growing chorus of European nations reasserting their national sovereignty in the face of the Bullies of Brussels, and I think we can expect even more nations to join this chorus as grows ever louder and ever stronger.

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