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TRUMP and the GOP Have Already SECEDED!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Oct 18, 2021 2:35:46 PM

          Have Trump and the GOP already seceded from the blue states and the Bumblin Biden embarrassments in DC? Well, that’s the argument that the far-left activists over at Salon are making. For better or worse, for right or wrong, scholars have noticed that secession is more pervasive today than ever. This secessionist trend began with the collapse of the Soviet Union on Christmas Day, 1991. The Soviet Union dissolved, and as a result, virtually overnight, Russia lost a third of its territory nations like Georgia and Armenia and Belarus and Estonia and Uzbekistan, and the like. Scholars such as Sam Huntington of Harvard and Stepan Mastrovic of Texas A&M argue that what happened to the Soviet Union may happen to more and more nations worldwide because the modern Cold War era that defined geopolitics for two generations has ended, and a new politic has emerged. This new politic was fast replacing the modern world with a post-modern world, where more and more populations return to their own cultures, customs, and traditions. People worldwide are going back to things like region and, yes, race and ethnicity as the basis for a new post-modern social order! 

          This global shift is not only happening in nations that are breaking away from empires, but as we saw in the Balkans, we see more and more populations within nations wanting to secede and form their sovereign nations! We can look at Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan to see this trend. There are also major secessionist movements in Scotland, Catalonia, and Quebec. The big question in all of this is simply: are the nation-states forged in the modern era going to be able to hold together? 

          It is no coincidence that secessionist sentiments are at an all-time high right now in the United States. Red and blue states want a divorce, and the polling consistently shows that the numbers coming out in favor of that divorce are growing by the day. Given these worldwide trends, modernism to postmodernism, it may be the case, as the ‘reporters’ at Salon claim, that such a secession has already taken place in all but name! The Salon headline: ‘A New Confederacy: Trump and the Republicans have already seceded’ shows this sentiment. The bi-line reads: ‘Now they’re preparing to fight a new civil war. In fact, they’re already doing it in all but name.’ It’s a fascinating piece because it recognizes that the growing divide between red states and blue states is over national identity and culture. When you have two populations so radically divided like here in the States, we have to ask, are we two different countries within a single nation? Have we separated from one another in such a way that reflects a formal secession without that formality? 

          The article delineates the fundamental cultural differences between red states and blue states and how those cultural differences are shaping fundamentally incompatible politics. For example, according to the article, 19 red states have enacted election integrity laws fundamentally opposed to those of blue states when it comes to how we conduct elections. Among those, 15 states have radically reduced the ability to even APPLY for a mail-in ballot. Four states have gotten rid of drop boxes, and nearly ten states have imposed stricter voter ID requirements. When it comes to issues such as abortion, 19 states have enacted a total of 106 new pro-life laws that radically restrict abortion. Twelve states have enacted more or less outright abortion bans. When it comes to the whole issue of gun control and the right to bear arms, dozens and dozens of states have become second amendment sanctuaries. Additionally, there are now 20 states refusing to enact or enforce Biden’s vaccine mandates on companies with a hundred or more employees. As we talked about the other day, this leftist article concludes that when all is said and done, we are increasingly becoming countries-within-a-country and forming nations-within-a-nation. 

          More and more states are declaring their independence from blue states and our federal government as long as it’s run by Marxist Democrats and obnoxious RINOs. I think this article is on to something as I do believe we see an informal secession here. However, this is not so much a secession from a nation as it is from an old-world, or better, an old political order. Trump and the new GOP, the new Republican Patriot Party, are seceding not so much from the nation but rather from the politics of the old Cold War era. This period saw the United States as the world’s policeman, with the neocons pushing for a Pax Americana where culture’s secularization was supposed to be unstoppable. The days of definitive borders and nation-states were beginning to wane and favor a more centralized globalist political and economic order. We have to understand that our current political and cultural crisis is not a partisan clash over this or that issue. The friction we’re experiencing now is not something within society; rather, it’s a clash over society itself. We are witnessing a conflict between two fundamentally incompatible visions of life, secular vs. postsecular, modern vs. postmodern. 

           The clash we’re experiencing is a clash over the nature of politics. We are not clashing over whether this or that election was fair. We are fighting over the very nature of what a free and fair election is. Think about what proponents of CRT and BLM are arguing for. This clash is not between events in America. It is a clash over what it means to be an American! What all of this means is that we are currently experiencing, in Samuel Huntington’s terms, a clash of civilizations within our nation. This Salon article does not seem to understand that we are experiencing an internal clash of civilizations. This is why everything today is political and polarizing; even kindergarten! In light of this larger context, I see Trump as a representative, perhaps more than anyone else, of a renewed civic nationalism that challenges the progressive liberal norms of globalism that leftists at Salon are so desperately trying to hold on to. Trump and the New Patriot GOP represent the rising of a new post-Cold War postmodern. The post-secular world order is replacing the old modern globalist Cold War era. It is that era, that old liberal progressive era, that more and more Americans are indeed seceding from.

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