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Trump is BEATING Biden! Here’s Why!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Oct 5, 2020 9:58:33 PM

With just four weeks to go before the November 3rd election, President Trump is indeed beating ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden.

No, that’s not mere wishful thinking. It’s the conclusion of Patrick Basham, analyst and head of the Washington, DC and London-based think tank Democracy Institute. For those who don’t know, Democracy Institute polling predicted both Brexit and a Trump victory in 2016. This same polling firm is now predicting the same outcome for Trump in 2020.

According to the Democracy Institute’s latest figures published over the weekend, President Trump is now beating Biden 46 percent to 45 percent nationally, and in the average polling from 6 battleground states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump is beating Biden 47 percent to 43 percent. The current electoral college projection from the Democracy Institute shows Trump with 320 electoral votes to Biden’s 218.

There’s a lot of interesting data in this poll that explains why Trump is beating Biden. First and foremost, in a dramatic dissension from mainstream media opinion, 32 percent of the respondents thought Trump won the debate while only 18 percent thought Biden won. Secondly, law and order has become the single most important political issue to voters today, followed closely by the economy: 32 percent believed that the riots linked to BLM agitators was the number one issue motivating their vote, while 30 percent argued that it was the economy that was the most important issue. It won’t surprise you that Trump outscores Biden bigtime with the economy: 70 percent of the polled public believe that the economy is getting better and bouncing back from the coronavirus lockdown, as 60 percent trust Trump with the economy as compared to just 40 percent trusting Biden. Moreover, we’re seeing the well-known silent majority appear again in this poll: nearly 80 percent of Trump supporters said they were not comfortable sharing their voting intentions with relatives, friends, and coworkers. And this poll further corroborates what Gallup found last week, that 60 percent of the public believes that President Trump will indeed be reelected.

Patrick Basham’s analysis of the study provides some helpful insights as to why Trump is indeed beating Biden. First, he notes that Biden has a huge ‘authority problem’. For example, twice as many voters give credit to the celebrity Kim Kardashian for criminal justice reform than give credit to Joe Biden; 41 percent gave Kardashian credit for helping to pass criminal justice reform while only 18 percent gave Biden any credit. Interestingly, President Trump got the same number as Kardashian, 41 percent. The fact that Biden couldn’t even break 20 percent on this issue epitomizes his overarching Achilles’ Heel in this election, which is his comparatively low support and enthusiasm for his candidacy among black voters. To have any hope of winning in November, Biden needs to secure 9 out of 10 black votes, along with a huge turnout. At this point, Biden has only been getting 8 out of 10 black votes, with minimal enthusiasm at that. Trump is winning 20 percent of the black vote, which will be astonishing if a comparable number plays out on November 3rd; Trump would be the first Republican president in recent memory to get that number of black votes.

What’s fascinating about this poll is that it included an exclusive survey of a single predominantly black congressional district in Baltimore. Now you may know of one of the candidates in this election: Kim Klacik, who has taken the Republican Party by storm as a young black businesswoman whose videos featuring Baltimore’s dilapidated neighborhoods under the monopolistic rule of Democrats have gone viral. The Democracy Institute polled the voter constituents in Baltimore’s 7th congressional district where she’s running against a very popular former congressman by the name of Kweisi Mfume. During Mfume’s tenure as a Baltimore congressman several years back, he routinely beat his Republican opponents by over 50 points. But according to the Institute’s polling, Klacik is trailing Mfume by only 12 points, which further corroborates an unusually high attraction among black voters to the Republican Party!

For Basham, the irony of the 2020 election couldn’t not be more stark when compared with 2016; in the latter, Trump won with overwhelming support among white voters, particularly whites without college degrees; in the former, he now appears to be on his way to winning largely because of a significant defection among black voters! And not just blacks, but Latinos as well, which Basham believes explains Trump’s brash debate strategy from last week. He argues that black and Latino men in particular are attracted to the domineering alpha male persona, which, if true, would explain the Telemundo poll which found that 66 percent of their audience thought Trump won the debate, while only 34 percent thought Biden won!

Moreover, Basham notes that even Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis is working in his favor: the Institute poll found that voter sympathy far outweighed the vindictive karmic sentiments so characteristic of the leftwing activists disguised as journalists in the mainstream media: 62 percent of polled voters said that news of Trump testing positive for Covid evoked their sympathy and compassion for him, while only 38 percent said that it was karma. And the fact that nearly 20 percent of voters said that it made them more likely to vote for him is just the cherry on top!

If the accuracy of the Democracy Institute’s findings corresponds to their previous prediction for the 2016 election, it would mean that the major trends that will shape the outcome of this election are clearly moving in President Trump’s direction. Thus, as we draw closer to November 3rd, it looks increasingly more and more likely that it’s going to be 2016 all over again.

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