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Ultra-Liberal Colleges Are CLOSING Across the Country at an Unprecedented Rate!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Sep 21, 2019 7:07:05 PM

Alright everyone, we have another entry into our increasingly expanding examples of the new law of the universe, which is ‘Get Woke Go Broke.’ A number of highly alarmist articles have been written of late about the utterly unprecedented number of private liberal arts colleges, which is at least 99 percent of the time just a code word for ultra-leftwing Cultural Marxist indoctrination centers, but these articles are pointing out that private colleges are closing their doors and going out of business permanently at record numbers. I do not know if you were familiar with this, but every year since 2016, dozens of colleges have collapsed, they have closed their doors. In fact, I will post on our community page a list of colleges that have closed since 2016, it is a pretty dramatic sight. Just to give you a sense of how significant this, one of those colleges that just recently closed was Green Mountain College in Vermont.

Now Green Mountain College has been around for a (135 years) hundred and thirty five years. Now they have of course brought into the Cultural Marxist paradigm over the course of those years, since the 1960s when Cultural Marxism first made its way onto college campuses, and they became a full-blown environmental liberal arts college, but alas, for the first time in a 135 years, they will not be opening their doors this year. I think my favorite example, and they are representative of a growing trend among private liberal arts colleges where more and more are simply going bankrupt. In just the last few years, over 20 private colleges across the country have closed their doors permanently, and even many more are barely hanging on. Take for example what’s been going on at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, it all started back on November the 8th, 2016, you all remember that date, that wonderful date in history, it is the date that rocked the globalist world order when Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, shortly after President Trump’s election, if you can believe it. Hampshire College students demanded that the college take down the American flag from university property, a demand that the college approved, the college allowed the American flag to be removed from its main flagpole as a protest against the election of Donald Trump, and according to the New York Times, the flag was subsequently burned. 

Well, that ignited the ire of a group of military veterans, God bless them, about 400 of which came out and held a protest at Hampshire College as a sign of solidarity and respect for the flag and for veterans. They came out with American flags waving and demonstrating their shock that a college would allow for such disrespect and disdain among their student body and faculty. Well, since then, the college has begun to implode. They have had to cut 82 positions from its 400 member payroll. And in January of this year, the Hampshire College president announced that the college was in such financial jeopardy that they wouldn’t be admitting a freshman class for the fall of 2019, after a number of protests, the president relented, and allowed for a freshman class of up to close to 80 students, but when all was said and done, the total incoming freshman class for this fall is estimated to be no more than a measly 15 students. That number for the fall of 2019, represents an astonishing 94 percent decrease for the college’s 2018 freshman class of nearly 300 students. The overall enrollment has plunged from nearly 1,200 students to barely 600, and as if things couldn’t get worse, they’re now in danger of losing their accreditation, just an utterly stunning fall. But again, it is exemplative of what’s happening to leftwing colleges all over the country, and the news gets even worse for them, you ready for this?

A professor at Harvard University who studies education predicts that over 25 percent of college campuses will fail in the next two decades, 25 percent! They are going to close, they are going to declare bankruptcy, they will have to merge with a bigger state university. To put it bluntly, and these are his words, “it’s going to be brutal across American higher education.” Now this professor is arguing that online education is really the future here, that we are going to see a lot more mobile learning programs emerge, that are far more flexible and affordable and convenient ways of getting one’s degree. The whole issue of debt, too, is driving a lot of this. More and more students just simply do not want to accumulate this massive debt from four years of a college that, in the end, really didn’t contribute to their careers that much. But one factor behind the fall of the leftwing college that’s being discussed is very, very interesting because it’s very, very ironic, it is considered by most analysts to be THE primary reason why more and more colleges are closing their doors, and that reason is because of a marked demographic decline, where the total number of college aged Americans has dropped dramatically over the last decade, we have of course talked about this on a number of other videos, and these analysts are of course blind to the irony in all of this, but that’s why WE ARE here, to see what leftwing globalists so often overlook. There is a rather pronounced demographic decline, where overall, families have been having fewer kids. Now some analysts blame the 2008 recession, where we do see a noticeable dip in fertility rates, they are blaming that for the FUTURE closures, since children born after 2008 are still in elementary school.

But what about the current closures? You can not blame 2008 for that. And this is where the work of demographers such as Phillip Longmann and Eric Kaufmann come in, because the trend they have been tracking over the last decade or so is how secular globalist societies have largely stopped having children. Kaufmann argues that because liberal societies redefine the family as a mere lifestyle choice, they by definition entail the freedom NOT to have children. You see, this is a marked difference from the kind of society that founded Green Mountain College 135 years ago. That society was largely a traditionalist society, and traditionalist societies see the family and child rearing as indispensable to a flourishing society. Liberal globalist societies see SYSTEMS and INSTITUTIONS as indispensable to a flourishing society, so liberal globalist societies don’t care so much about families as much as they care about redefining the human person as a sovereign individual who has no moral obligations apart from that which he chooses to impose upon him or herself. That is why globalist societies are so obsessed with so-called human rights or civil rights, precisely because such ‘rights’ liberate the sovereign individual from the cultural, traditional, and customary norms that defined human society for centuries. So are you catching the irony in all of this? What have these leftwing liberal colleges been indoctrinating students in over the last few decades? These professors have been indoctrinating students with a Cultural Marxist globalist conception of life that has by definition devalued the traditional family and what is the result? By indoctrinating students into a Cultural Marxist globalist conception of the family, these professors, these GENIUSES, have cut off the very demographic needed to keep their own college doors open! They have helped to destroy the very demographic needed to fill up their own classrooms! How is that for irony? It is also a great lesson on the nature of leftist liberalism. Like I say, leftist liberalism is at war with reality, it is at war with reality, and you cannot have a belief system at war with reality that doesn’t eventually destroy itself, THIS is leftist liberalism’s built in futility a futility that could be symbolized no better than the growing list of once flourishing centers of Cultural Marxism, closing their doors for good.

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