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#WalkAway Campaign Has People Leaving the Democratic Party in Droves

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 12, 2018 9:42:27 PM

A new movement is galvanizing tens of thousands of former liberals to just walk away from the Democratic party. Are you familiar with what is being called the ‘walk away’ movement started by a young fellow by the name of Brandon Straka. Brandon is a really interesting guy, very impressive fellow; up to just a few months ago, he was admittedly, your quintessential liberal. In fact, he mentions that on his Facebook page, I have not seen it, but apparently you can still see a video back from November of 2016 where he is basically crying over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election. But then something happened. He like tens of thousands out there got red pilled; he began to realize that the Democrats were using fear to control and exploit people, according to Scott Adams’ assessment of the ‘Walk Away’ movement. THAT was his red pilled moment. The ‘Walk Away’ movement is not about political policies, not about political platforms or ideologies per se, it’s not about any of that. What happened to Brandon and to the tens of thousands of others is a very simple thing. They all suddenly realized that the Democratic Party was controlling and manipulating people through the use of fear and intimidation. That is the modern Democratic Party.

And so, Brandon initiated a campaign on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter called #WalkAway, which shares videos and testimonials of people who have decided to disassociate themselves, to walk away from liberalism and from the Democratic Party. He posted a video, just over six minutes or so, that initiated the movement (here is the link to his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51UGcghHZsk&feature=em-share_video_user)

You know, I am a classical rhetoric teacher, and I must say it is fantastic rhetoric in the classical sense of the term. In six minutes or so, he gives an impassioned, evidence-based speech that calls all of his once fellow liberals to walk away from a political party that uses hate, fear, intimidation and increasingly threats of physical violence to manipulate and control.

One of the things that Straka is particularly worried about is the level of extremism and violence that he sees coming from the left. In fact, he has been the victim of this; not so much physical violence but rather discrimination, a sort of social violence, from the left. He was recently denied service at a camera store because the cashier apparently recognized him and asked if he was going to be using the camera equipment for alt-right purposes, and the cashier ended up saying that he couldn’t in good conscience sell him the camera or anything in the store because he didn’t support the #WalkAway campaign. Keep in mind, the Christian bakers and florists who have been taken to court by gay activists never denied anyone the right to purchase any item from their stores. The whole issue there was the question of whether a baker or florist could be compelled to participate in something above and beyond simply selling items in their storefront. So the left really is just utterly unhinged here, and ironically they are just proving Brandon’s whole point; the radical left is the best salespersons for the whole Walk Away movement.

According to Brandon, the number of testimonials he is getting is simply astronomical; again, these are people who were avowed liberals who are now walking away from what they see as not just a politics of divisiveness and derision, but indeed increasingly violence, like what we have seen advocated by Maxine Mad Max Waters.

In many ways, the ‘Walk Away’ movement is the latest chapter in a mass exodus from a culture of political correctness that was documented in the study by Angela Nagle entitled Kill All Normies. Angela Nagle is a media scholar who put forward a very well researched thesis for why the right came to dominate social media during the 2016 election cycle. She notes that over the last several years you had what she called Tumblr liberals. These were liberals who congregated around the social network sites Tumblr and Facebook and basically created a social media culture devoted to identity politics, which saw itself as the voice of the excluded and the marginalized, the social minority. Now Nagle notes that this became a culture completely incapable of thinking beyond what she calls the ‘cult of suffering’ and the incessant practice of ‘cry-bullying.’ In such a world where we have terms to describe crimes against sexual and racial and physical minorities such as misogyny, racism, and sexism, and ableism, and all this stuff, there is really no place for men, and particularly white men in this cry-bullying social justice warrior infested cyberspace.

Not just men, but anyone who could not stand the stench of this leftist ideology, they flocked to another side of cyberspace, is it were, particularly the message-board site 4chan, and of course YouTube. And it is within this cyberworld that there emerged a platform for a mass blowback against the Tumblr and Facebook liberal mentality. That is her basic argument for how the right began to dominate social media.

What I really appreciated about Angela Nagle’s take on all of this is that, even though her sympathies are with the Tumblr liberal, she nevertheless sees that this really is perfectly legitimate scorn and rejection on the part of the new social media right. It is absolutely true that modern day social justice warrior liberalism has basically told white men – and anybody else for that matter – that they have no place in this world unless they are repentant; unless they demonstrate how ashamed they are of their race and gender and sexuality. Only THEN are they allowed into the club of modern day liberalism.

I think the whole ‘Walk Away’ movement is the latest chapter in this and promises to be every bit as successful; the whole movement details in testimony after testimony on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube how the rabid and indeed fascistic political correctness of the left inexorably eats its own; it inevitably turns into enemies people who would otherwise be very sympathetic to the concerns of the political left, such as the social and political marginalization of minorities.

The deconstruction has begun to self-destruct ……..

Well, we do not want to be in your club; in fact, one of the reasons why this channel in particular is gaining popularity is we analyze the cultural trends that are ultimately going to drive a stake through the heart and bury your club once and for all. THIS is why the right is dominating YouTube; we are dominating YouTube because we have flocked in mass to this corner of cyberspace to launch the true resistance against the true evil of cultural Marxism and globalist liberalism. And if the views of those on the Tumblr New York Times liberal side are an indicators, we are here to stay.

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