WAR WITH RUSSIA? Globalist Establishment Thirsty for Christian Blood!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Dec 8, 2021 4:12:37 PM

On December 7th, 2021 Tucker Carlson had an extended segment on his show highlighting the apparent bipartisan consensus in Washington in support of a bloody third world war with Russia. From Russiagate hoaxer extraordinaire Adam Schiff to Republican Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, the entire beltway spectrum was banging the war drum and discussing the use of nuclear weapons on Russian targets. This is all in response to a supposedly impending “Russian Invasion” of the Ukraine that suspiciously comes up in the news every 5-6 months. In reality this coincides with nothing more than regular troop rotations within the Russian Federation as well as a very real offensive recently being planned and launched by the Ukrainian forces on the Eastern front. Tucker points out in his segment that even if Ukraine faced a real threat from the nation it was a part of for most of its history, why should the United States care? It is abundantly clear that the politicians in Washington care infinitely more about the “territorial integrity” of the Ukraine than that of their own nation; our porous border is an irrefutable testament to that fact. 

The desire for a war with Russia has been in the globalist playbook for decades. Anyone who remembers 2016 knows that war with Russia was a real possibility had Hillary Clinton been elected President and the Russiagate Hoax was an extension of that deeply rooted Russophobia. As I highlighted in my piece on the global uprising against vaccine mandates, the old world and in particular the Orthodox nations of the former USSR have been resistant to secularist, globalist imperialism. While these nations are by no means perfect or finished improving since Soviet times, their people have deeply rooted Christian customs and traditions that have, for example, made them far more resistant to vaccine propaganda. The estimable Col. Douglas Macgregor stated during Tucker’s segment that Russia was a country returning to its ancient roots in Orthodox Christianity, as it had been for 1000 years before communism, and it should thus not be viewed as an enemy. Tucker remarked that perhaps that was one of the reasons the US apparatus wants to destroy it. Watch:

In the 1990’s the United States and NATO illegally bombed Serbia, another Orthodox Nation somewhat outside of the US-NATO sphere of influence, for no other purpose than creating a Muslim dominated puppet state in the Balkans and displacing Christian Serbs in their homelands (globalist darling and war criminal Madeleine Albright has made her hatred of Serbs abundantly clear). Since the US backed coup in 2014 in Ukraine our foreign apparatus has been directly interfering with the religious landscape in Ukraine. State Department Apparatchiks would have Americans believe they are bringing “religious freedom” to the Ukraine but that could not be further from the truth. To briefly explain a complex issue the majority of Christians in Ukraine belong to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church which is directly in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church and the other global Orthodox Patriarchates. The US state department has funded the recognition and state support of a schismatic group calling itself the “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” that has repeatedly engaged in violent thuggery, property theft, and collusion with radical militias. The group is now at the center of a brewing schism in world Orthodoxy, stoked almost entirely by the US and NATO funding globalist elements within the Orthodox Church. To read more about the ecclesiastical situation in the Ukraine check out the book written on the subject by Metropolitan Nikiforos of Kykkos.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine is highly unlikely. While we could see the eventual incorporation of the separatist Donbass Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) incorporated into the Russian Federation, an invasion of Ukraine would only occur upon the crossing of red lines by the US and NATO like Ukraine becoming a NATO member or NATO/US weapons systems being moved in. A Ukrainian assault on the DPR and LPR is a much more likely scenario for the near future, and convincing the Americans that Russia is on the verge of a full-on invasion is advantageous to the weak Ukrainian regime. This recent hawkish flare up by the US establishment is further evidence of the brewing war between globalist imperialism and national populism/retraditionalization. Global vaccine tyranny is one point to the globalist spear, will a forced world war with the rising East be another?

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