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Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 12, 2021 1:53:33 PM

Slate.com recently published a fascinating article titled: ‘What if the Unorthodox Arizona Audit Declares Trump Won?’ It’s a fascinating read because it readily admits that it is looking increasingly to be the case that the Maricopa County audit will show significant discrepancies between the final audited results for the November election and what really happened. The audit is increasingly looking like it will be in Trump’s favor and would directly oppose the certified results by Arizona’s secretary of state. The article also gets into various scenarios of possible outcomes or consequences of the announcement of just such a discrepancy.

Now, just a bit of the backstory here; In December of last year, the Republican-dominated senate in Arizona issued subpoenas to conduct a full forensic audit on the Maricopa County vote. Maricopa County has 4.5 million people. It includes Phoenix and makes up at least 60 percent of the vote in the state; what happens in Maricopa happens to the whole state. Immediately after Republican senator Eddie Farnsworth issued the subpoenas, election officials did everything they could to not comply. However, the courts got involved and required them to hand everything over immediately. Over the last several weeks, a private company known as Cyber Ninjas has been conducting one of, if not the most comprehensive and massive voter audits to date! The forensic audit is apparently now complete, and Cyber Ninjas is currently writing an official report, a process that may take another couple of weeks.

Mark Finchem, the state representative from Arizona who successfully started this forensic audit, has commented that the mainstream media are savagely attacking every part of it. Every single day media corporations are disparaging the efforts of the audit. The Washington Post had a particularly bitter article. A supposed expert in audits and recounts recently visited Maricopa County and wrote: “Post-election audits and recounts are almost always conducted under the authority of local election officials, who have years of knowledge and experience. The idea of a government handing over control of ballots to an outside group, as the state Senate did when hiring a Florida contractor with no elections experience, was bizarre. So I figured it would be unconventional. But it was so much worse than that. In more than a decade working on elections, audits, and recounts across the country, I’ve never seen one this mismanaged.”

That’s right, only those pre-approved by the permanent political class are competent enough to audit a vote overseen by the permanent political class! If there was ever an example of the fallacy of circular reasoning, there you have it. Regardless, there’s already a full-court press to completely discredit this audit because they know that the result will most likely come back in Trump’s favor! And so the far-leftwing activists at Vice are asking the question: what happens if and when the Arizona audit results come back showing a Trump Victory?

Vice recognizes that this is uncharted territory; we have never been in this position before as a constitutional republic. Never before has an audit like this been conducted by the Cyber Ninjas. We have never had a situation where the results of a presidential election, are called into question months after the results were certified! We are in unchartered territory here. The leftists at Vice offered their assessment of what to expect if the audit goes Trump’s way, and I have to say, their assessment wasn’t very good! They seem frankly stupefied by this whole process. They are correct about one thing. If the audit results show that Trump won Arizona, we can expect nothing less than an avalanche of audits to result! Now that prediction is already being fulfilled right now! Pennsylvania state-senator Doug Mastriano has sent an official letter requesting all ballots and voting data from three counties which will turn into subpoenas if election officials fail to comply. So that’s the first thing we will see if the Maricopa County audit comes out in Trump’s favor; we’ll see an avalanche of audits in every single contested state! 

Republican legislatures in states across the country will have enormous pressure from their constituents to conduct a full forensic audit on their vote when Maricopa releases their verdict. I think we will see that the GOP will be emboldened to pass more election integrity reform legislation. We can expect red state after red state to pass laws that will send the Democrats into absolute hysterics! Democrats are already doing everything they can to stop these election integrity laws, making fools of themselves in the process. The vast majority of the voting population supports these election integrity reforms, and we can expect even more of them to come immediately following a pro-Trump Arizona verdict.

The Arizona Audit’s demonstration of Trump’s win will also result in Biden’s presidency falling apart. Of course, we are on unchartered territory here, but just in terms of the credibility of his presidency, he will be finished! Biden has already been falling the polls. For millions of voters who didn’t vote for him, Maricopa County will entirely and discredit any semblance of legitimacy that he might still have among such voters. 

Finally, the number one thing that will happen if the Arizona audit is in Trump’s favor will be that it definitively and officially sets the stage for Trump’s return in 2024! As we saw from the CPAC convention over the weekend, Trump still dominates the GOP and the field for potential presidential candidates. He won the straw poll by 70 percent! With the potential announcement of Trump’s Arizona win, for Republicans, that will be it! It will serve to secure the support for Trump that he already overwhelmingly has, making 2024 an election year like never before!

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