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Why the AZ AUDIT Changes EVERYTHING!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Sep 27, 2021 9:06:21 PM

The long awaited results from the Maricopa County audit were released on Friday in a report officially given to the Arizona Senate. The report was both eye-opening and a bit bewildering given the way it was presented and the frankly bizarre manner in which the mainstream media covered it. Let’s start with the way the audit results were presented. In short, the auditors presented their case for why 50 thousand ballots were highly questionable in terms of their legality and authenticity. A shocking 50 thousand votes is five times the amount of votes by which Biden won Arizona according to the certification last November when Biden won by barely 10 thousand votes. The auditors found that 50 thousand votes were highly questionable and problematic regarding their legality and authenticity. So what does any of that mean? 

First and foremost, the auditors found 23,344 ballots cast by voters from their prior address, that is, voters who no longer live at the address at which they are registered. This many wrong ballots is highly concerning because of the possibility of these voters voting twice.  Others could potentially vote using their name and a prior address to double their vote. 

Secondly, over 10 thousand people shared the same name and birthdate that appeared to have voted in multiple counties. Thirdly, there’s a significant discrepancy between the number of ballots returned versus the amount mailed out; over nine thousand more ballots were returned than were mailed out. Moreover, there is clear evidence of the same phone numbers used on multiple ballots. The same person may have even voted various times in different precincts. 

According to the Western Journal, over 17 thousand duplicate ballots were uncovered, meaning ballots submitted by individuals who voted more than once in the election. All said, there are upwards of 50 thousand votes that were and remain highly problematic in terms of demonstrating their legality. These votes should never have been certified, given these problems! According to the certification last November, these votes tally five times the number of ballots by which Biden won according to the certification last November! 

The second thing that the auditors did that was somewhat surprising was not determine what should be done with these votes! The auditors did not come out and say: given what we found, President Trump won the state, right? Set these votes aside, and Trump carries the state by 40 thousand votes. They don’t even tell us who these votes benefited, I think we can guess, of course; but instead, the auditors simply highlighted these questionable votes and turned it over to Arizona’s Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Now, all of this was made more bewildering given the mainstream media’s coverage of the draft report that was made public ahead of the hearing where the findings were formally announced. I don’t see any way around this. The mainstream media deliberately misrepresented the audit results and entirely overlooked that the audit found tens of thousands of questionable ballots. 

What’s so interesting is that the Cyber Ninjas did not say these are illegal ballots or that they need to be thrown out; they simply and objectively revealed that their audit turned up tens of thousands of votes that should not have been certified. I’ll say that again because this is the key to the entire audit. Auditors found tens of thousands of ballots that should not have been certified given their questionable status; they needed to be investigated further before being certified as legitimate votes. The mainstream media completely ignored that and claimed that the audit only confirmed that Biden won Arizona! We are clearly in a post-information age; the mainstream media is pure propaganda at this point. Of course, we have always known that, but I think more people see that than ever before! That said, we are already seeing the ramifications of this audit begin to take effect in a way that I believe is changing everything! 

As I have said before, this audit was inevitably going to cause an avalanche of state audits all over the nation, and that’s exactly what we’re beginning to see. There are now over 40 state lawmakers from various states, including state Senator Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania, calling for a 50-state audit to know the extent to which similar problems revealed in Maricopa County are happening in counties throughout the nation. Already AZ State Representative Mark Finchem is calling for an audit of Pima County in Arizona. Further, AZ Attorney General Brnovich has announced that he will be taking all necessary actions based on these election findings. Even before the results were announced, the state of Texas announced that they will be conducting comprehensive forensic audits in four of the state’s largest counties. Do you see a trend here? 

So what’s the purpose of these audits? Well, even the left knows why they are happening, and that’s why they’re so panicked over this! They understand that this avalanche of audits will provoke a comparable avalanche of more election integrity laws! Which, of course, is freaking out CNN, the most distrusted name in Fake News; they’re calling these election integrity laws ‘voter suppression laws.’ Moreover, State Senator Wendy Rogers announced that her petition to decertify the election has reached over a million signatures! President Trump, of course, also called for the decertification of Arizona’s election over the weekend at his rally in Georgia. We see a groundswell of calls to decertify Arizona and a groundswell of calls to audit all 50 states and pass more election integrity laws.

I’ve said before that whatever semblance of support Biden had from people who didn’t vote for him but who nevertheless were willing to support him as their president would disappear. I now realize that my prediction was wrong. It turns out that Biden is hemorrhaging support even from Democrats who voted for him! According to the latest Rasmussen polling, President Trump is officially trouncing Biden in a 2024 rematch! Rasmussen polling found that if the presidential election were held today, Trump would stomp Biden by 10 points, 51 percent to 41 percent. The icing on the cake is how Democrats would vote in a Trump versus Biden Election right now. According to the poll, 1 in 5 Democrats would switch and vote for Trump! Biden is hemorrhaging 20 percent of his base in this poll, and, on top of all this, more patriots than ever are taking over local election precincts all across the nation! This is what’s really panicking the left; the way patriots are starting to increase local GOP precinct levels to oversee elections. Just in the last few months, upwards of nearly 10 thousand patriots have signed up and taken over local GOP precincts, all but guaranteeing that the next elections are going to be governed at the grassroots level, at the level of the local precinct by MAGA-loving patriots! 

The left is panicking because patriots have effectively infiltrated, that’s their word, keep in mind, the American electoral system to secure election integrity! The left is overtly horrified over this! We will be keeping an eye on how things develop here. Still, as things stand right now, the Arizona audit results are changing everything in terms of how we will be conducting elections from this point forward and galvanizing patriots to crush any semblance of legitimacy that Bumblin’ Biden may still have!  

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