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Why the YouTube Purge will only Fuel the Populist Surge!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Apr 23, 2018 2:29:29 PM

I know many of you are concerned about the latest YouTube purge of conservative channels and videos, as we all ought to be. I know many of you have commented on these concerns for my YouTube channel, as we continue to grow in subscribers and popularity; we reached 20 thousand subscribers, and have you all to thank for that. What is YouTube going to do with us, when they catch wind of the things that we are discussing? That nationalist, populist, and traditionalist trends that are sweeping the world as we speak.

Let us just briefly rehearse what has happened of late, and then I want to give you my take on things, because I am not particularly satisfied with the explanations that I have heard thus far. First, it IS the case that YouTube has in fact been purging right-wing and libertarian and independent commentators’ videos and channels. The purge appears to be in response to the Parkland High shooting in Florida and the subsequent liberal gun-grab that was so predictable in the aftermath; where now everyone who is critical of this, as we were, and of course, my video that I put up just after the Parkland shooting was of course demonetized. These videos now are being censored and flagged by YouTube as inappropriate to their standards, as hate speech and abusive and racist and the like. Alex Jones is one strike away from being banned from YouTube, and Google, of course, which owns YouTube. Mike Cernovich has reported that his videos are being taken down, particularly the ones documenting Antifa violence. I am sure many of you know Carl Benjamin, better known as “Sargon of Akkad,” he has been reportedly locked out of his Google account, including YouTube, and was at least for a time unable to upload new videos.

This is not just mere appearance. YouTube has admitted that it has in fact hired new moderators, I understand about 10 thousand, who have, as they said, ‘misapplied’ some of YouTube policies resulting in mistaken removals. As the Daily Caller puts it, this is just another way of saying that the moderators have gone overboard in their recent purges of conservative, alt-right and New Right social media accounts. And to make matters even worse, YouTube has been apparently receiving assistance from the ultra-leftwing cultural Marxist, Southern Poverty Law Center, or better known as the SPLC, to help them in identifying hate groups, one of which was of course Prager University, the educational videos of conservative talk-show host Dennis Prager, who’s Jewish interestingly enough. So much for political correctness. I guess the Southern Poverty Law Center can not be anti-semitic by definition, since it of course arrogates itself the prerogative of defining anti-semetism.

All of this comes on the heels of course of the demonetizing algorithm mess over the last year. We have seen this first hand; anything that we post that terms like ‘Christianity’ or ‘Trump’ or ‘nationalism’ is considered too controversial for most advertisers. I mean, ‘What’???? CHRISTIANITY is too controversial in the very Western civilization it helped birth? And they are demonetizing videos on our president for heaven’s sake! Diamond and Silk, the two black women who make the coolest pro-Trump videos, they have come out and said that 95 percent of their videos are being demonetized. Something as rather innocuous as Phillip DeFranco’s political commentary has suffered demonetization. This is not just happening on the right; even the borderline illiterates over at the Young Turks are getting demonetized. It is no wonder that PewDeePie has called the algorithm mess the ‘ADpocalypse’. I think everyone agrees that, by all accounts, YouTube’s algorithm has been an unmitigated disaster.

What is really going on here? Is there really a conspiracy to shut down conservative voices? That is certainly what we are hearing, whether or not it is actually true, YouTube only has itself to blame for such conspiracy accusations. I mean, what do you expect? You start purging right wing websites and what do you think people are going to say about it?

There is no question that the moderators hired by YouTube are most likely far-leftists who have no problem censoring rightwing thought and opinion. But I think there is more going on here. What we have to remember is that YouTube for the longest time did not care what came out of Alex Jones’ microphone; they did not care because while these moderators and YouTube executives were as liberal as the day is long, they were and remain CORPORATIST leftists; these people do not care what you are selling as long as money is being deposited in their accounts. Remember, secular corporations own the distribution and production rights for what is called the Faith-Based Film Industry, like movies such as Facing the Giants and God’s Not Dead. Secular corporations produced those films. Who do you think owns all the Christian publishers? Harper Collins owns both Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, the two biggest Christian publishing companies in the world. These corporatist leftists do not care WHAT they are selling as long as the money ends up in their bank accounts. They had no problem with Alex Jones and InfoWars making them tons of ad revenue for HOW many years?

So what has changed? Well, in a word, or in two words: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. That’s what’s changed. We have to remember that social media and the so-called mainstream media lived as it were separate lives for a number of years. They existed side-by-side in their own spheres of influence, and they did not particularly care about one another. If there was an interest, it was usually commentators on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter calling out the blatantly biased coverage by the mainstream media, exposing them for the shills that they had become for corporatist globalism. 

Well, now that social media outlets and corporatist media outlets are increasingly owned by the same corporations, it is not surprising that the corporatist media wants to begin silencing these criticisms, and their using their common parent companies such as Alphabet Incorporated that owns both Google and YouTube as the means to put pressure on social media outlets that have long been calling the mainstream media’s bluff, that they’re nothing but shills for secularizing transnational corporatist globalism.

We saw this with PewDiePie . When PewDiePie pulled a prank that featured videoing two Indian men dancing while waving a sign that said ‘Death to all Jews,’ which was just done in jest and didn’t bother his millions of subscribers in the least, they just thought it was a funny gag. Well, his contract with Maker Studios, which was originally set up by YouTubers, that contract was yanked. The reason why he lost his deal with them is because, surprise, surprise, Maker Studios was recently bought-out by the Disney Corporation. You see, this ‘purge’ as it were is the result of the attempt to more and more merge globalist corporatism with the world of social media. And corporatist globalism operates by political correctness; political correctness is simply a secularized human rights-based ethical system rooted in redefining the human person as a consumer, as a sovereign individual emancipated from all traditional, national, and religious norms. It is no wonder that social media is more and more being conformed to these corporatist politically correct standards. It’s completely and totally predictable.

What is also completely and totally predictable to all of this is the mass populist backlash against it. And I do mean MASS! We have to remember what populism actually is; it is a hard term to define because it encompasses both political parties: Trump was considered a populist along with Bernie Sanders. But what ALL populists have in common is a deep-seated distrust and indeed an all-out effort to bring down what they would call the ‘elites’ or the ‘establishment’, which simply put, are those in charge of the major political, corporate, and media-based institutions that operate in accordance with their own interests and not the interests of the people, of the citizens, of the nation and its greater good. They have no problem selling-out the nation and its citizens or democratic elections for their own benefit, and they are the reason we are all in this political and economic and propaganda mess in the first place. Populism is deeply anti-establishment; deeply anti-deep state; anti-elite and the like.

Of course, this is a sentiment that is going on all over the world. We analyze it continuously on this channel; populist parties are completely turning European politics upside down as we speak; we well make sure to be taking a close look at what goes on in Italy’s elections tomorrow, where populist parties such as Five Star and the Northern League are promising to make huge gains in the Parliament. But make no mistake. this conservative purge from YouTube is precisely the kind of thing that evokes populist backlashes.

This is not just theory: We are already seeing it! I am sure many of you have heard that YouTube has had to backtrack here, they have come out and apologized and are in the process of putting the sites back up. I see that Sargan of Akkad is posting again, his latest posting in the last 24 hours. We will certainly keep an eye on how many of the videos and accounts they reinstate.

But why are they apologizing? Why are they coming out and saying Mea Culpa, we did not mean it; it was just our algorithm or these new employees. Please forgive us? Why are they saying that? They are saying that because this new populism made up of a nationalist, populist, traditionalist, pro-freedom, conservative, libertarian coalition is way too big for YouTube to sequester or purge without mass repercussions. In many ways, it is too late for these corporatist globalists. Their attempts at sequestering and censoring YouTube content creators is just going to make their audiences even more determined to get their message out. We saw this with PewDiePie; they tried everything they could to stifle him, taking away contracts and the like, but as an article in Vice recently pointed out, he goes on largely unaffected; he is just too big for these corporations to take him out. And what I am arguing is that the sum total of smaller channels like this one form a populist coalition that has become a formidable challenger to the Babel of corporatist globalism. Populism by its nature rebels against the elite and the establishment. YouTube just gave us one more reason to rebel. Thanks YouTube; we will take it.

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