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With an UPRISING in the GOP, what are the Prospects for a New PATRIOT PARTY?

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jan 25, 2021 8:21:27 PM

There seems to be nothing short of a massive uprising within the GOP against the neocon establishment. President Trump has reportedly amassed a political enemies list of Republicans to target in the primaries. It’s also being reported that Trump has over $70 million on hand in campaign cash to primary every single one of the GOP representatives, senators, and governors that turned on him over the course of the last couple of months since the election.

Liz Cheney, who led 9 other Republican representatives to vote to impeach President Trump, is already feeling the heat of this uprising. State Senator Anthony Bouchard has announced his campaign to unseat Cheney in the primaries, citing Cheney’s long-time Never-Trumper stance along with her impeachment vote, both demonstrating just how out of touch she is with the voters of Wyoming (the good citizens of Wyoming voted for President Trump over Biden by 45 points!). The primary challenge was announced just minutes after the Republican Party Central Committee in Carbon County unanimously voted to censure Cheney for her impeachment vote. In addition, 115 House Republicans are calling for Cheney’s removal from the Chair of the House GOP Conference.

In fact, 3 out of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are already getting primaried, and it’s almost guaranteed that the other 7 will as well, especially with President Trump’s $70 million dollar war chest that promises to only get bigger the closer we get to the 2022 midterms.

Republican leaders in Nelson County, Kentucky voted unanimously to formally censure Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell after his speech on the Senate floor blaming Trump for the Capitol Hill riot. Moreover, there are increasing calls for McConnell to step down, since he so obviously no longer represents the new MAGA-based, nationalist populist Republican Party.

The Allegan County Republican Convention of Michigan voted overwhelmingly to ‘censure and condemn’ Representative Fred Upton for his vote to impeach President Trump. In Oklahoma, a number of counties voted to censure Oklahoma Senators Inhofe and Lankford, and these counties are in turn demanding their immediate resignations for their abject failure in supporting President Trump and the will of their constituents!

Finally, the Arizona Republican Party has officially censured their governor Doug Ducey, former neocon Never-Trumper Senator Jeff Flake, and even Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Senator John McCain. In light of his recent announcement that he’s not running for the Arizona senate seat in 2022, Governor Ducey’s political career appears dead.

It seems rather clear that grassroots Republicans, who have embraced the American First nationalist populism of President Trump, are indeed rising up and preparing to cleanse the party of any vestiges of the RINO Republican leadership.

Which leads to the question: what does all of this mean for the potential rise of a new Patriot Party?

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that President Trump is indeed openly considering the formation of a new political party. According to reports, Trump said he wanted to call the new party the “Patriot Party.” Obviously, Trump is not the only one talking about this. After the ridiculous disappointment the GOP has been of late, many are advocating the start of a third party. Or as Jack Kerwick over at American Greatness puts it: “Is it time for NeverGOP?”

Since the Wall Street Journal’s piece, we’ve been getting conflicting reports; Newsmax is reporting that Trump has abandoned the notion of a third party and is instead going all in on primarying all of the RINO Republicans and establishing full dominance over the party. However, the British Daily Mail is reporting that President Trump is going to do both: he’s planning on supporting the primarying of every single Republican turncoat and Never-Trumper in the party on the one hand, while laying the foundations for a Patriot Party in order to have leverage over feckless Republicans in the Senate during the upcoming impeachment trial on the other.

Regardless of what Trump plans, what is the feasibility of a third-party challenge to the Republicans?

British scholars Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin have observed a fascinating phenomenon emerging of late in European politics, what they call dealignment. Dealignment involves the breakdown of the traditional bonds that historically existed between traditional political parties and their constituents, and this breakdown is making it easier for a new political party to rise up and take the nation in a new direction. For example, in the 1960s, 50 percent of the British population felt strongly aligned to one of the traditional parties, the Tories or Labour. By 2015, that number dropped to barely 13 percent.

This dealignment manifested explicitly around the Brexit referendum, because support for Brexit cut directly across the traditional party electorates and ended up creating an extraordinarily difficult situation for members of parliament in both parties. While the majority of the voters in both parties voted to leave the EU, the members of parliament in both parties mostly wanted to stay. And when it appeared that the Tories were sabotaging Brexit, particularly under the bungling negotiations of then-Prime Minister Theresa May, and with the European Parliament elections nearing, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage decided to start the Brexit Party. When the European Parliament election took place in May of 2019, 1 in 3 Brits voted for the nascent Brexit Party when it was barely 6 weeks old. The Tories suffered one of their worst electoral defeats in decades.

So clearly the opportunity is there for new parties to sweep in and offer voters a new direction. If comparable dealignment dynamics are operative in the States, a Patriot Party may indeed deal as devastating a blow to the GOP as the Brexit Party dealt to the Tories.

And yet, with the snap national elections in December of 2019 in Britain, out of fear of splitting the vote, the Conservatives promised to get Brexit done if Farage agreed to stand down the Brexit Party, to which he agreed. As a result, the Tories came back from their humiliating defeat months before with one of the biggest landslide wins in over a century!

Thus, the real magic of a third party is in how it is able to pull the mainstream party over to its political side. The question is whether the Patriot Party would operate with a comparable forcing function, or whether the new party would end up permanently replacing the GOP.

Regardless, what is very clear is that Donald Trump and his Deplorable supporters are still very much in charge of the future of the Republican Party!


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