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WNBA Team Seattle Storm Launches Partnership with Planned Parenthood

Posted by Steve Turley ● Sep 4, 2017 9:04:00 PM

It is being reported that the Women’s NBA team Seattle Storm became the first professional sports team to partner with the national abortion facilitator and provider Planned Parenthood, because it supposedly offers “essential services” to women. One of the owners of the Seattle Storm argues that the services provided by Planned Parenthood make the organization a natural ally and partner for the Storm, and she said that fighting for the abortion group is one of the “values” that she and her fellow Storm owners share. In fact, they reportedly described Planned Parenthood, which is responsible for performing a third of all abortions in the nation, as a “wonderful organization”.

This move towards embracing abortuaries of course comes on the heels of the NBA commissioner Adam Silver threatening to punish states that want to legally prevent grown men from using the same public restrooms as little girls. I mean, this is so ironic; even someone like Bill Maher recognizes that there is a problem with encouraging grown men, gender confused perverts, to follow little girls into the same public bathroom.

But Adam Silver has made the LGBTqrs-alphabet soup gender crusade his mission; he showed up at the New York Gay Pride parade and road on the fruit float with the highly celebrated first openly gay player Jason Collins. You know, I’ve pointed out before, that this moral illiterate, Adam Silver, still has a job is testimony to how emasculated fathers have become in our nation.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the world of professional sports is embracing the gaystapo, and is becoming quite intentionally an important propaganda wing of homfascism in our nation today. I do think it’s important to understand why this; Why is it that the sports industry has become so infatuated with celebrating homo-eroticism and LGBT sexual and gender confusion?

First, I think it’s essential to understand that sports have always been a powerful carrier of culture. If we look at cultures throughout the ages, we’ll find that their conception of sport was every bit a reflection of their core values as a culture as was their politics, economics, and society. For the ancient Greeks, the purpose of sports competition was to showcase Hellenistic virtues, such as steadfastness, courage, and bravery. In fact, more than any other person short of royalty, it was the athlete that was most like the gods: strong, fierce, and free. Often athletic competition was to the death; the athletic competitor was actually willing to put his own life on the line in order to win, since winning even at the cost of one’s own life earned one immorality, as one’s victories were praised in a manner comparable to the gods.

Eventually, the Greek philosophers began to think of the athlete as one who embodied what they called kalokagathia, or the “beautiful and good.” A true sportsman exemplified a body and mind united in harmony, which for philosophers was the human ideal. This vision of the ‘poetic warrior’ was especially the concern of Plato, who thought that a boy who only played music was effeminate, but if he only wrestled he’d be no more than a more a brute. Music and sports need each other in order to produce a balanced human person, in short, a poetic warrior.

The early church by and large picked up the significance of sport as a characteristic of the Christian life, particularly as it related to the formation of the classical virtue of engkratia, self-control or self-mastery. Paul uses this motif in 1 Cor 9 when he says, “Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control (engkrateuomai).” We see, too, in Galatians 5:7: “You were running well; who cut in on you that you do not continue to obey the truth?” The self-sacrifice and ‘no pain no gain’ like suffering, or as the Greeks would call it, the agon, is for Paul an appropriate training for the kind of self-control and bodily obedience needed for the advancement of the gospel.

The overall idea here is that competing for corruptible trophies can be a metaphor for the spiritual athlete training for eternal incorruptible prizes. In fact, later Christian authors came to see Christian martyrs as athletes for Christ par excellence. John Chrysostom (349-407AD) and other early church fathers employed the metaphor of agon or ‘athletic struggle’ in a number of their sermons as a metaphor for the spiritual struggle.

In the medieval period, sports tournaments among knights and noblemen drew massive crowds, and competitions were often the climax of important social events. Writers during this period detailed the skills the knight was expected to master, such as riding, swimming and diving, shooting a number of different weapons, climbing, wrestling, fencing, as well as dancing, playing board games, and demonstrating appropriate table manners and etiquette. Hence the medieval knight embodied the Christian ideal of chivalry: the mastery of physical skill and moral virtue. However, the church was not particularly happy with these tournaments, since they took place at all times throughout the year and tended to damage gardens and village facilities, not to mention being the occasion of several injuries and fatalities among the competitors.

Now, when we get into the modern age, sports are largely incorporated into a very different civilizational project. Sports in the modern age took on what Allen Guttmann calls “a kind of secular faith.” And this was due in no small part to the modernization of sports, which involved the standardization of rules, quantification of statistics, and the professionalization of players. And what’s so interesting here is that as life became increasingly secularized, the body increasingly came to be seen as an impediment to man’s unbridled progress. The limitations of the body got in the way of the modern notion of mankind’s unlimited potential. And so, the ideal increasingly became akin to what Karen Joisten calls a “trans-human meta-body,” which has been forged of late through the use of artificial and performance enhancing substances. And so, consequently, today’s athletes often adrenalize their bodies to achieve peak performances.

And of course, as part of transcending one’s body, there is the attempt to transcend one’s gender. So we’re constantly interested, as it were, in the first female football player, or the first female umpire, or the first woman who can do this or that; these firsts are inextricably linked with a new modern myth that goes way beyond sports; it’s a myth that believes religiously that human beings are inherently unlimited; and thus their potential for progress should be unimpeded by traditional gender or sexual norms. And so, the modern sports professions are more and more adopting transgenderism as an intrinsic part of their adoption of modernist-inspired trans-humanism.

Now, this myth is getting challenged more and more even from within the sports professions. I don’t know how many of you heard about the “controversy” with tennis great John McEnroe. In a recent interview, he was asked about Serena Williams, who McEnroe said was the best female player in the world, hands down. Now the feminist, secular, modernist, humanist pathetic ridiculous overpaid moronic gender confused interviewer then asked: Why qualify it? Why qualify she’s the best female player? Why not the best player? And McEnroe beautifully and incredulously looked at her and said, in effect, What are you talking about? If she were playing professional male tennis players, she’d get crushed! She’d be ranked like 700 in the world! And of course, now McEnroe had the Scarlet A place around his neck, or probably better a Scarlet B for ‘bigot’ and was repeatedly bludgeoned by the paragons of tolerance to apologize, which he eventually did, probably on the advice of a gay public relations agent.

Again, the ultimate sin here is to affirm traditional gender norms, where men have been gifted by God to protect and serve women. That is the ultimate sin in a sports industry that devoted to the modern myth of transhumanism and its entailed transgenderism.

Now I certainly hope that as part of this revitalized nationalism and retraditionalism going on throughout the West we see a reversal of this transhumanist trend; it certainly would involve men becoming men again, and looking at the ways in which the sports industry wants to pervert their daughters on the field as well as the transgender locker-rooms; but until then, I really don’t expect much more from professional sports than a continued embracing of globalist secular lifestyle values, its gender confusion and indeed, in the case of the WNBA, anti-family, anti-child tendencies. If there were ever an industry worthy of a mass boycott, it is most certainly the modern secular sports industry.


For more on baptism and the Apostle Paul’s vision of a sacramental society, see my book, The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians, available here.

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