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Women's March Against Guns & NRA Protected by Armed Guards!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 29, 2017 9:37:00 PM

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but we have another example of what some are calling left wing hypocrisy on display this past week. This time it’s with a so-called Women’s March against the NRA, and as Breitbart is reporting, the whole irony of the march is that the protesters against gun rights were themselves surrounded by armed guards.

In fact, NRA TV showed the Women’s March co-chair getting into her car with armed guards all around her. This is the typical posture of secular liberal politicians, particularly those in Europe, who lecture the world that citizens don’t need guns all the while they’re being protected by guns and armed security.

Now, or course, the whole motivation for the protest is supposedly not to take away guns; of course not! It’s to limit those who can access them; surely no one would ever want someone who is mentally deranged, unstable or unhinged to have access to weapons. THIS is all we really want to do; and we want to bring awareness of how evil the NRA is in resisting these very common sense gun restrictions.

That’s how it’s presented not only by the protesters, but also by the fawning secular corporatist media, as globalists have been seeking to disarm Americans and other nations for decades.

Now, of course, in many respects, this hypocrisy speaks for itself: these are protesters who are surrounded by armed guards while at the same time protesting against citizens arming themselves. But I really don’t think there’s any real hypocrisy here. This is what we have to understand: they are not anti-gun; these protesters are absolutely pro-gun. What they are is they are anti-private gun ownership. They love the government having guns; they love the secular state using those guns to threaten and coerce and manipulate citizens to abide by their secularized, standardized directives. I think it was Charles Krauthammer who said that liberals don’t care what you do as long as it’s mandatory. They love their secular statists armed; what they hate is any citizen resistance against these armed secular statists that is effective, resisting their secularizing, manipulating and coerced directives. A central part of that resistance is a well-armed citizenry, just as our Founding Fathers envisioned, by the way. Guns are available to citizens as the primary means of limiting government and political intrusion in the lives of the American people. So they are fully pro-gun, but only in terms of the government having access to them as the secular state.

But there’s another thing going on here as well, which is really important in all of this. As secular liberals, by definition these protesters are advocates of what’s called a risk society, and advocates of risk society policies see the world as operating solely by environmental cause and effect processes; this is highly Marxist in its notion of human society. Human society operates by ironically highly depersonalized processes such as economic, demographic, political, and social causes and effects. In other words, a truly scientific, rationalist understanding of society as advocated by the secular globalist liberal involves seeing distinctively environmental and social factors behind individual actions. You see, back in the day, we tended to view individual actions morally; when something bad happened, we might say: Well, that’s because God is punishing us; or that’s because we’ve sinned and these are the wages of sin; right? We really once believed that the world operated by moral cause and effects; we really once believed that pride really did go before the fall; that you really did reap what you sewed. By contrast, advocates of what’s called a risk society don’t believe that; see, there’s no moral cause and effect in a secularized conception of the world because such a world by definition operates solely by natural, biological, chemical, economic and social causes and effects. Morality is nothing more than a human construct. And so if you want to change the world for the better, as it were, you focus in on environmental factors that are debilitating or harmful risks to human health and safety; and the gun is the primary environmental factor behind health and safety risks, at least as identified by secular globalist liberals.

Now, historically the gun represented virtue. That’s the irony here; the gun was a symbol of health and happiness, but as understood in moral terms. One of the classical virtues was courage, the willingness to cultivate bravery and heroism to defend the weak and the infirm from evil. And the gun in the hands of the citizen was a symbol of a republic of virtue; a well-armed citizenry was the symbol par excellence of a self-governing virtuous people.

Today it’s a symbol, for many, of an unjustifiable risk to health and safety, and that’s because we no longer think in terms of the importance of virtue; since you can’t put virtue under a microscope, and we today, on the secular left, are governed by a world redefined in terms of the microscope; in terms of scientific rationalism. So guns now represent a risk that needs to be annihilated by a secular state that itself governs according to depersonalized economic and political processes. That's what is really going on here. These so-called women are not for safety and limited gun restrictions; that’s actually rather immaterial; they are in point of fact all for a risk society that governs according to secular globalist norms and operated by a secular aristocracy. So it’s absolutely irrelevant what the particular issue is; whatever the issue that’s being debated or advocated or protested, it is being incorporated inexorably into thoroughly secular statist globalist norms. That’s what’s really going on with all of this.

And so, many would argue that the women’s march protest against the NRA was hypocritical with their armed guard accompanying them; I in the end don’t think they’re being hypocritical at all; I think they’re being perfectly consistent with a secular globalist worldview that seeks to redefine everything – most especially guns – in terms of a new world order governed and operated by anti-virtuous standardized secular norms that are not only ultimately about disarming citizens, but indeed are about redefining what it means to be human in a highly anti-human sense.  

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