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Steve Turley (PhD, Durham University) is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and author who is widely considered one of the most exciting voices in today’s Intellectual Dark Web. Dr. Steve's popular YouTube channel showcases daily his expertise in the rise of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism throughout the world, and his podcasts and writings on civilization, society, culture, education, and the arts are widely accessed at He is the author of over 20 books, including The Return of Christendom: Demography, Politics, and the Coming Christian Majority, The New Nationalism: How the Populist Right is Defeating Globalism and Awakening a New Political Order, and Classical vs. Modern Education: A Vision from C.S. LewisA frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows, Dr. Steve is best known for his optimistic and upbeat analysis of current events in light of conservative trends which never fails to excite and inspire audiences at venues such as the World Congress of Families in Verona, Italy and the Association of Classical and Christian Schools nationwide. His research and writings have appeared in such journals as Christianity and Literature, Calvin Theological Journal, First ThingsTouchstone, and The Chesterton Review. He and his wife, Akiko, have four children and live in Newark, DE, where they together enjoy fishing, gardening, and watching Duck Dynasty marathons.

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Grace Academy

Georgetown, TX

February 8, 2019

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World Congress of Families

Verona, Italy

March 29-31, 2019

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Association of Classical & Christian Schools

Atlanta, GA

June 12-15, 2019

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“The depth of Steve Turley's biblical insight into contemporary cultural issues is rare indeed, and he always communicates his thoughts in an intelligent, thoughtful and conversational way. I always enjoy interviewing him – and learning from him!”

- Janet Mefferd, host of Janet Mefferd Today and Janet Mefferd Live