For decades, Western intellectuals believed that the dominance of secular liberalism was inevitable. With the supposed triumph of modernism and its chief export globalism, such a future appeared irreversible. And yet, to the surprise of scholar and statesman alike, traditional religions are making a comeback all over the world, challenging secularization’s monopoly over the public square.

The Triumph of TraditionIn this thought provoking book, you will discover why the resurgence of religion means that a new conservative age is rising all over the globe. 


  • How the rise of liberalism has awakened a mass conservative backlash
  • How nations are rejecting the anti-cultural dynamics of globalism
  • How nationalism, populism, and traditionalism are redefining a new political order
  • How the fertility advantage among conservative religionists will win the culture wars
  • How the return of classical education is already anticipating this conservative victory
  • And much, much, more!

steveturley_a1_copyIf you’re a conservative, there’s no longer any reason to be pessimistic. With this book, you will discover the worldwide clash between globalism and nationalism, how nationalism is fueling a resurgence of traditional religion, and what such a resurgence means for the end of globalism and the triumphant return to a conservative vision of life.

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