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Biden HUMILIATED as Gallup Reveals TRUMP is the MOST ADMIRED MAN of 2020!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Dec 29, 2020 4:04:50 PM

Joe Biden is utterly HUMILIATED as the latest Gallup Poll Reveals that President Trump is the MOST ADMIRED MAN of 2020! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the poll and the huge amount of support that President Trump received from Republicans, how Gallup has exposed the fraud of Biden’s popularity fabricated and pushed by the mainstream media, and what it means for the future of nationalist populism in American; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Topics: Biden HUMILIATED, TRUMP is the MOST ADMIRED MAN of 2020, Gallup Reveals, Gallup Reveals TRUMP

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