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Mortgages are Determined LIBERAL SCAMS and the PEOPLE FIGHT BACK

Posted by Steve Turley ● May 26, 2021 6:11:06 PM

Founder of Replace Your Mortgage, Michael Lush, joined me and Turley Talks LLC President, Ralph Cochran, to discuss how the Federal banks are trying to take your money. Hear more from Michael Lush at our upcoming Patriot Entrepreneur LIVE Conference June 4th-5th *Ticket Prices GOING UP on Friday at midnight! Get your ticket NOW at https://conferences.turleytalks.com/june-patriot-live. Can't wait to hear more about replacing your mortgage? Head to https://www.turleytalks.com/replaceyourmortgage and book a call today!

Topics: Mortgages are Determined LIBERAL SCAMS, and the PEOPLE FIGHT BACK

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