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SHOCK POLL! 15 Percent of Bernie Supporters Will Vote for Trump Over Biden!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Apr 6, 2020 10:06:22 AM

Our friends at First Liberty can help you get the new emergency SBA Payroll Protection Program Loans so you that can keep your business thriving! Visit them today at https://firstlibertyga.com/ ———————————————————————— ★★★ A NEW CONSERVATIVE AGE IS RISING ★★★ We’ve got more bad news for Joe Biden and more GREAT news for President Trump! A recent ABC/Washington Post poll is showing that 15 percent of Bernie’s supporters said that they will definitely be voting for President Trump’s reelection over the Democrat Joe Biden. So we’re going to be taking a look at that poll, and we’re going to take a bit of a deep dive here; we’re going to look at why so many Bernie supporters are ready to reject Biden and embrace Trump; I think you’ll find it very informative! ———————————————————————— ★★★ MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ★★★ We've just launched our brand new ⚑TURLEY TALKS INSIDERS CLUB⚑ here: https://bit.ly/2URNuoX As a member, you get exclusive access to me and special weekly videos, a private Facebook Group, video courses, a monthly reading lest, and much, much more! I'm so excited about this! Check out the SPECIAL VIDEO for our Insiders Club here: https://bit.ly/2URNuoX

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